MSc in Strategic Public Relations

Up for the challenge?

A Master of Science in Strategic Public Relations, a programme in English language offered jointly by two renowned universities, a language line of the European MARPE-Network – and a great opportunity for you! Study two years in up to three countries. Learn and work with some of the most respected researchers in the exciting field

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K & A Commendations: Alba Chiara Di Bari and Kenneth Rønholt

Alba Chiara Di Bari from Italy and Kenneth Rønholt from Denmark received this year’s commendation for the outstanding Master Thesis in Strategic Public Relations. Kenneth Rønholt’s thesis uses a theoretical approach based on Eco and Baudrillard to investigate why and how fakes can outperform the original in social media (remember, Charlie Chaplin once came third in

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Graduation Ceremony in Lund for the Joint Master in Strategic Public Relations. From left ro right: Lina Zvirbule, Anna Pira, Suzanne Lindquist, Clara Schubert, Alba Chiara Di Bari, Christina Welpelo, Nanna Birkedal, Kenneth Rønholt, programme director Howard Nothhaft. Graduation Ceremony in Lund 2015

Pomp, circumstance and, yeah, sunshine! as the graduates of 2015 gather in Lund to celebrate the successful conclusion of two years of hard work. For the Stir/Lund Master it’s the second class to graduate. Out of 14 graduates eight made the trip to Skåne. They listened to speeches, received handshakes from folks in strange attire

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christoph b Student portrait: Christoph Wegener

Why did you choose this programme? – The content of the programme appeared as a perfect preparation for a career in strategic communications and a challenging way of engaging with PR in the academic field. Also the structure of the programme with spending one semester at the University of Stirling, a semester in Lund, an

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amin b Student portrait: Amin Lemrini

Why did you choose to study MSc in Strategic Public Relations? – The main factor which made me choose this program jointly delivered by University of Stirling and Lund University was the opportunity to study both in the U.K. and Sweden. Moreover, it was the opportunity to experience multicultural diversity in class with my peers

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Guestlectures2013 Guest speakers and the meaning of PR…

Since the start of the Autumn semester our public relations postgraduate students have enjoyed a busy visiting speaker schedule organized by Dr Julia Jahansoozi. It has included a number of fascinating guest lectures from visitors located both far and near including Kate Fitch, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia. In September Kate shared her recent research exploring

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lund End of term, trip to Denmark

The last module successfully completed. Summer holiday on the horizon. Weather as glorious as it gets in Skåne (see pic). Students of the joint MSc in Strategic Public Relations and their fellow-students in the MSc Strategisk Kommunikation celebrate the end of the term with a boat trip to Denmark. Well, here in Helsingborg the home

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QS World University Ranking 2013/2014: Lund on 67

The QS World University Ranking 2013/2014 has recently been published. This year, Lund University climbed from a respectable 71th in 2012 rank to rank 67 in 2013, one rank ahead of the London School of Economics. Lund is the highest-ranked Swedish University (followed by Uppsala on 79) and the second highest-ranking university in the Nordic

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blackboard 2014 What’s NEW on the Programme?

We have listened to our students and have made some changes to the programme. These changes take effect for the intake of 2014 and you can see the new programme awaiting you here on this page. The basic structure of the programme remains unchanged, however: The Stirling/Lund MSc Strategic Public Relations is a 2-year programme

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apply now Apply Now!

The administrative process of application is handled by  the University of Stirling. You can apply up to one year in advance of the programme start date. While most programmes do not set a closing date for applications, early application is strongly advised. You can now apply for the study period: September 2015 – June 2017

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